Below you will find all the brands we work with. With the overall diversity we provide an extensive range for your store. Interested in one of the brands below? Then click directly on the relevant brand and learn more about it.

DNX Party Pills

DNX Party Pills provide a unique experience while partying. Each DNX Party Pill has its own effect, which you can find on the website. Quickly view all Party Pills and start the party! has been producing high-quality grow kits for more than 10 years. In addition, offers the opportunity to make your own grow kit with Culture Ampoules.


Hempcare is a Dutch brand specialized in natural CBD products. Hempcare’s CBD is 100% natural and always free of pesticides and metals.

Indian Elements

Enjoy the rich Indian Elements range of herbs and spice mixes. Looking for serene peace or an energy boost? you can count on Indian Elements.


Discover the versatile possibilities of Kratom. Kratopia supplies high-quality Kratom variants that are available in powders, capsules and liquids.

Shamanita logo


Shamanita’s mission is to reconnect the sacred bond between humans and nature through, healing tinctures, mescaline cacti, bio tea and much  more.


You can of course microdose with McMicrodose. This unique product contains specially selected truffles with the best microdosing properties.


“When nature gives you such an opportunity, you have to take it.” McMyco produces various mushroom supplements to support the body.


With McMystic herbs, seeds and extracts you can now discover the mysterious paths of nature for yourself. With this unique range you will certainly make a difference!


Wholesale McSmart takes care of the distribution and sales of all brands and partners on this page. Contact us immediately and start expanding your range today!

McSmart Truffles

All information about the most famous Magic Truffles in the world can be found here. The High Hawaiians, MushRocks, Atlantis or, for example, the Dutch Dragons fall within this range.

Royal Party Shots

With Royal Party Shots you can go completely crazy. These shots have been specially developed to create a big party in a natural way. Perfectly suited for an evening out!

ME Partypills logo

ME Partypills

Explore the ME Partypills and immerse yourself in a world of boundless excitement. With these partypills, the possibilities are limitless, and the fun never stops!

Fit4Seasons logo


All protein powders and supplements from Fit4Seasons are made on a 100% natural basis. They also ensure that their manufacturing process is as eco-friendly as possible.